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The PEAK innovation principles

"In order to become innovative, organizations must innovate"

"...the author has transformed a very complex, abstract problem into a clear, practical set of principles that can be applied by any organization"

A system for fostering, nurturing and delivering innovation in big organizations, based on his real-life experience. This book portrays the nine founding principles for effective innovation in organizations.


A Practical Guide by Ahi Gvirtsman

The innovation system described in this book has generated results of potentially strategic implications. This book is aimed at demonstrating that innovation can be generated systematically in ANY organization at ANY culture and with both financial and non-financial goals. It offers unprecedented access to an ongoing effort unparalleled in its organizational pervasiveness and effectiveness. This book aims to turn innovation into a teachable organizational skill.


Ahi Gvirtsman

Vice president of Innovation for a large, international organization

Creating an innovation system that taps into the collective intellect of the entire workforce with the goal of creating new revenue streams for the company.
Introducing proven methods of innovation to the organization with the goal of increasing overall innovation related success.
Generating high levels of workforce engagement globally around the common goal of prolific, sustainable and successful innovation.

Jonathan Menuhin, PhD, Executive Director, Israel Innovation Institute 

…In Ahi Gvirtsman’s groundbreaking work, PEAK Innovation Principles, the author has transformed a very complex, abstract problem into a clear, practical set of principles that can be applied by any organization. Through his work, Ahi has made organizational innovation accessible beyond technology-based companies to all organizations pursuing significant impact through innovation. Ahi’s passion for his work is evident in his writing and readers should be aware that they will never approach the topic of innovation in the same way after reading this excellent work 

What I love about the “PEAK innovation principles” is that it can be replicated and doesn’t require any proprietary knowledge or the special talents of an individual. Innovation is usually associated with hi-tech corporations and being the largest municipality in Israel meant there was some internal skepticism at first. It has been a fantastic voyage and we are now full steam ahead implementing an innovation system based on the principles described in this book

Rinat Guy, Chief Innovation Officer, Tel-Aviv Municipality

Avi Zoaretz, Innovation platform manager, HP Indigo

…The book helped me with several fundamental insights and gave me professional tools that helped me through the years to establish an innovation platform in my organization. I find myself referring back to the book on a regular basis and I highly recommend it and its underlying methodology!